Hey there, my name is Cassie Sons. I attend Westside United Pentecostal Church and I am 18 years old.

I bet you are wondering why an 18 year old is on a website like this. Well, then let me tell you about myself. :] My uncle, Jimmy Kelley, is our new official pastor of Westside UPC, and we are proud to have such a man of God with us.

Speaking of that, I am also a big holy roller. I sing Soprano as a praise singer, play piano ocassionally, and I am in our youth sign team. :] I love to be involved with anything so helping with our new website really sparked an interest for me! With that said, I plan to update with testimonies, events, blogs, etc every month or so on what goes on at Westside UPC.

With being such an active member in our youth group, if you have any questions on who I am or what our church is, contact me or Randy Pollock. Although, you may want to contact me, seeing as I am “younger” and more entertaining to talk to. Ha, Anyways, Welcome to our website and I can’t wait to hear from you!