Sunday August 1 was the official service with Bro. Jimmy Kelley as Pastor of Westside. Bro. Jaco, our District Secretary, preached AMAZINGLY both services! But, tonight is the service that I’m going to talk about.

I don’t know if this is even correct grammar, but God went “BEAST MODE” at Westside tonight! Bobby pins flew, shoes were thrown off, and we had guys running the aisles like crazy! If you’re reading this and do not understand “why” we do it, then you will just have to see to believe! I feel Revival coming in Tullahoma soon! Sunday night was a fiery service with a great move of God! Bro. Jaco mentioned a story. He said, there was a preacher who walked into service one night and there was only one man there. He then said, “Well, there’s not enough here for church, so you’re dismissed.” That one man stood and said, “Wait just a minute Pastor! I’m a farmer, and when I go into my barn and there’s only one cow, that doesn’t mean I just leave and don’t feed him!” So, let’s have church! Well, that couldn’t be said more clearer! After our time and sorrow of struggle at Westside, we are starting to see a breakthrough!

We are the next generation to rise up and claim the Victory! As Bro. Jaco spoke the title of his message tonight, “The Battle is the Lord’s,” we need to shake off our trials and tribulations and give them to God! It’s time to quit letting our sin and agony play tug-of-war with our spirituality, and we need to claim the Victory in Jesus name! I’m so ready for more “Beast Mode” services at Westside UPC!

Let’s break our heels, and lose our bobby pins! They aren’t going to Heaven with us anyway! :]