Ask the possum why…

Ask the possum why…

Crossing the road is most dangerous when your walking down the middle… It’s much safer when your closest to the side. Then when danger comes you just step to safety.

If you think about the road as life with one side being a Christian and the other being in the world you have from the center line to the edge of safety as your zone of “still being a Christian”. One would say well I’m still on this side so I’m not sinning…which might be true. but the closer you are to that center line the harder it is to get to safety when that 18 wheeler is coming towards you. Just ask that possum.

The problem we humans have is that when we see someone doing something we always want to take it to the next level. “What one generation tolerates, the next one adopts” was once spoken by a great preacher and what I think he was saying was…If I’m two feet into the road your kids will take three feet as a safe area and their kids will take four feet…and generation by generation they inch closer to that line and before you know it the line moves or disappears and you find yourself away from God’s word.

In the old days when you built something you had a measuring stick that was the exact measurement for what you wanted. You would lay that stick on the wood to be cut and then you would saw the wood. As long as you keep using the same measuring stick then all the wood that you cut would be the same size…but if you cut the first stick from the measuring stick length then used the cut wood for the next measurement in just a few cuts your size will be off and nothing will be the same size. Did it hurt to use the first cut wood instead of the measuring stick? probably not…but as each generation uses their own cut wood the example of what the length is suppose to be is long gone and the end result will fail.

Don’t take chances with your salvation and when you think it’s not going to hurt me, think of all the ones who are watching you and what the next generation will think is OK by inching forward from your grey area.

God will always have a church let’s be sure and stay on the right side of the road and not wander toward the middle line.