Stay in the Ring

Stay in the Ring

Ya know, I’ve been thinkin’… What a surprise right? Ha.. But, we all need a little boost sometimes to help us get through tough trials and tribulations.
Sometimes life gets us down and we just throw in the towel and think, God doesn’t care; He never has. But, we fail to realize that He told us with His own voice that He will never leave us nor forsake us. So the entire time we sit and mope around with depression and sad looks, God’s been sitting there the entire time thinking, “When is he or she going to get back up, wipe our brow with the towel they threw, and trust me?”

Indiana Bible College has a song on their new CD called, “You Hold My World…” Some of the words are saying, “and to know that You are God,” and “I am amazed at Your love, I am amazed that You love me..” Once we take that step to pull ourselves back up, we can see that God holds us in His hand. Our world and our future are all in His book. He knows exactly what He’s doing and He will never let go of you.. He will take care and hold you when you fall.

For example, when you’re in a fight or see a wrestler on TV and they are fighting, and one gets knocked down, do you see him sit there and cry? No. He stands up, ready like never before armed to complete the task he started. He is stronger the next round because he had a determination that he was NOT staying down no matter how hard the enemy threw him. His teammate behind the ropes wipes his brow and pushes him back into the ring. That’s what God is doing with our lives. When we get thrown down by the enemy, don’t just sit there. Stand up and let God wipe you off and retaliate harder and stronger than never before..

“No weapon formed against me shall prosper…”

by Cassie Sons