The Greatness of Our God

The Greatness of Our God

The Greatness of Our God

Ya know, my spirit is so full of joy at this moment. Why? Because I serve such an great, amazing God.

I had the opportunity to go to Ladies Retreat in Pigeon Forge this past week and Nancy Grandquist really opened my eyes to being so THIRSTY for God that we go above and beyond our obligations and expectations.. We as people of God need to get a little salt in our life to make us thirst for God and a ministry to witness.

I as a teenager, am the next generation to save this world from this carnal generation in place. God has put you and I here for the distinct reason to stand firm on our beliefs and not be ashamed of who we are! Mark 16:15 says, “And He said unto them, go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature…” Our duty is to spread the gospel. God will never make us do it alone. He acts as our shadow walking with us and guiding us in the way we should go. As my brother Dj taught in class this morning, God has a job opening that will never be closed; never be laid off. That job opening is a metaphor for our calling. He has a calling for each and every one of us. Our job is to apply for that job and take His hand. He will never lay us off like the economy.

My heart is so burdened to save the lost. Sis. Grandquist challenged us to win at least 10 souls to God before the end of this year. I agree to take that challenge. I want God to give me eyes to see the beauty of who He is and the greatness of His works. As Hillsong sings, “No sky contains, and no doubt restrains, all You are, the greatness of our God…” Singing of His greatness and mighty power will never be enough praise to give Him. He gave His life so that we may live. To live in sin was not the plan, but because of the Garden of Eden incident, we have to endure the carnal measures of this generation. Acts 2:40 says, “And with many other words did he testify and exhort, saying, SAVE YOURSELVES FROM THIS UNTOWARD GENERATION…” Peter was preaching telling them to save themselves. It is a prime example of our lives. We as Apostolics or people in general need to realize that God put us here to do our job. If we mozy around with the things of this world, we will never see what God has planned for us. God is right there all we have to do is open the door…

I challenge each and every one of you to take a step back for a second and ask yourselves, what is my calling? Why did God put me here? How can I improve my walk with God in order to see with His eyes and change this untoward generation?

You’re not meant to be LOST. You just need to come out of hiding in order for God to FIND you…

Posted by Cassie Sons