The Road to Emmaus

The Road to Emmaus

Luke 24:13-33

On the same day that a group of women discovered the tomb of Jesus empty, two disciples, one named Cleopas and the other unnamed, started their seven-mile journey from Jerusalem to their home in Emmaus. As they walked, they discussed the events of the past few days. As they walked and talked, Jesus drew near and walked with them; however, they did not recognize him. Jesus asked them of their sayings and why they were sad. Cleopas asked him if he was a stranger since he did not know what had happened.

Jesus asked “What things?” They explained that they had trusted that Jesus would be the redeemer of Israel but the chief priests and their rulers had condemned him to death and crucified him. They went on to explain that earlier that day, certain women of their group went to the tomb where Jesus was laid and found his body gone. Further, the women claimed they had saw angels which said he was alive! Also, certain of their group went and verified the women’s story, his body was gone! Jesus rebuked the two men for being slow to believe the prophets. Then He started at Moses and went through the prophets explaining the scriptures concerning Himself.

By that time, they arrived at their destination. Jesus made as if He would continue on but they begged him to stay with them. When they sat to eat, Jesus took the bread, blessed it, and gave it to them to eat. Then their eyes were opened that they recognized Jesus and He vanished out of their sight. They said to each other Did not out heart burn within us while he talked and opened to us the scriptures?

I feel Jesus, I feel Jesus, I feel Jesus in this place,

And my soul burned within me, I feel Jesus in this place.