This isn’t the question to ask.

This isn’t the question to ask.

What would Jesus do?



A great question but an even more important question would be what would Jesus have YOU to do. Once your saved you have taken care of getting ready for a race but you haven’t starting running yet. It’s now your job to bring others to Christ and doing that is a life long journey.

I can’t do anything special you say? Great says God that makes it easier to use you. It’s people who are the most humble that God can use the most. OK so you can’t sing or you are to scared to teach Sunday School (although this is a very rewarding service to God) or run Children’s Church did you know you spend less than 10% of your week inside the Church building? that means you can do most good outside the sanctuary.

How is that? First by living the example of being a Christian. Most people will make a decision about you before you even open your mouth…how do you conduct yourself in public or at work. Do you express an attitude of caring or do you show apathy toward others around you? Having a outward appearance of caring is not easy for a lot of people so making an effort to think about how you interact with others is a learned process but one that God can help you with if you will just pray about it.

Helping others is a great witness, someone short a dollar at the cash register or their hands are full walking in the door…take the time to help someone and you will be surprised how that will help you witness to them.

It’s our decision to be a joyful Christian or a sour faced Christian.

Start praying that God will help you be a WWJHMD

What would Jesus have me do?