What is Your Calling?

What is Your Calling?

Ya know I was thinking. Shocker huh? But, I don’t know if it’s just me or if everyone else faces this one problem that I do. That is, I can never keep myself from negativity whenever something goes wrong. For example, we do what God says and life is all hunky dory until one little problem comes along and we wonder why it happens? If we are living exactly by God’s word then why do we still have to suffer? Why doesn’t all the bills get paid? Why does my job pull me down? Why don’t I know my calling yet?

All these questions are to be answered in God’s time. I had to make myself learn and believe that. It may be hard to face but it’s so true. Our God is an on time God. I have recently struggled with the decision on going into the Medical field or pursuing Bible College. After a lot of prayer and assistance from Pastor Kelley’s wife, Karen, I now realize that we have to go through life and make a living and still keep our focus on God. You can have a future and still live in this world. If you feel a specific “gut feeling” as Karen said, then go with it. Who says you can’t do both? God will lead you in the right direction no matter what you choose. As long as He is apart of your life and your decisions, life won’t be as difficult. I cannot imagine a life without God guiding and directing my path.

We have to stop going through the motions and make something of ourselves. God’s not just watching you live in this horrid world, He’s waiting for you to give yourself entirely to Him so that He can use you in mighty mighty ways! He created each and every one of us for a purpose so why not search for it by digging deeper and striving for a close walk with Him? Don’t just throw in the towel every time you hit a struggle, shake it off and keep moving! Sis. Shelia told us a story in the Teen class a couple Sundays ago about a man who planned to bury his Mule alive because it was worthless to him. As he dug a hole with the Mule in it and began to shovel dirt on top of the Mule’s head, it shook it off and climbed up on the pile of dirt. With many piles later, the Mule climbed completely out of the hole and lived.

Why did I tell that story you may ask?

Sometimes, we gotta shake off the dirt of this world, the struggles of this world, and the obstacles that may blur our vision of what our calling is that God has for us and climb up that mountain. Soon enough, after you’ve been through it all, you will come out victorious.

Psalms 27:14 says, “Wait for the Lord; Be strong, and let your heart take courage; Yes, wait for the Lord.”

Be patient. God knows what He is doing. Take a leap of faith and trust in Him and His timing for your future. He loves you and wants the best.